Enjoy Spanish Tapas in September; Support the NEA Foundation’s Grants to Educators

Do you live in the Washington D.C. Metro Area or in Baltimore? Celebrate back-to-school with Spanish tapas and sangria at La Tasca Restaurant in September, and a portion of the sales will help fund our Grants to Educators program for educators in the D.C. Metro Area, Maryland, or Virginia.

Find a location near you, bring a printed copy of this coupon, and buen apetito!


NEA Member Funding Opportunity with DonorsChoose

Testing the waters...

We splash in it, swim in it, fish from it, but are our waterways really safe? With the help of water testing kits from DonorsChoose.org, 60 seventh and eighth grade science students set out to answer this question. They

Grantee Discussion: How did you continue group professional development after your funded year?

Group Learning & Leadership Grants have allowed many of you and your colleagues to explore education theory and practice at a depth that may not have been possible without the support of outside funding. How were you able to continue this type of

Grantee Discussion: Did you continue your grant project after the funded year?

After you completed your Student Achievement or Learning & Leadership Grant project, were you able to successfully continue the work beyond the funded year? Is so, why were you able to continue? To what would you attribute your success? If not, what

Grantee Discussion: Where do you look for outside funding?

Now more than ever, savvy teachers and education-support professionals are looking beyond their districts to fund innovative projects.

As an NEA Foundation grant recipient, you understand the importance of securing outside resources to fund your

A New Year and New Grant Deadlines

One of our New Year’s resolutions was to find ways to fund more educators’ projects. Our new, $2,000 student achievement grants will help more teachers reach students with engaging classroom projects that will inspire learning.


Grantee Discussion: Your Greatest Grant Successes

Each NEA Foundation grantee has used grant funds to conduct high-quality classroom learning and/or professional development projects. We would like to hear from educators about their experiences.

How would you describe the most successful aspects

Support Educators' Classroom Projects on DonorsChoose.org

Do you believe in the power of ideas? We do!

The NEA Foundation understands that the best way to help students learn is to help teachers teach. From bringing the alphabet to life with puppets, to showing students how germs spread, teachers have great

Grantee Discussion: Outdoor Classrooms

Many NEA Foundation grantees have used funds to create outdoor classrooms at their school. We would like to hear from educators about their experiences.

What was your greatest challenge?  What have been your greatest rewards?

Please share you

Edcuators Get a ‘Big Help’ From Nickelodeon

We have just awarded 41 grants to educators in 24 states in partnership with Nickelodeon’s “The Big Help.” Each school year, the Foundation awards more than 150 grants to educators in every state. It is always eye-opening and

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