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Jeanne Snedeker

Bonita Springs Elementary School, Bonita Springs, FL
Grades K-5, History
2008, Fall

Mrs. Snedeker and Ms. Davis will partner with a local theater to use theater practice and technique in History and Language Arts classes. The monologue form will be used to explore history, while script development will be used to engage students in writing, ... more »

Greg Kottcamp

Golden High School, Golden, CO
Grades 9-12, Social Studies
2008, Fall

Social studies students in Golden High School will be directed to groups of documents on the National Archive Records Administration's website from which certain pre-determined questions can be answered. After answering the questions, the students will complete a ... more »

Suzanne Osman

Orville Wright Middle School, Los Angeles, CA
Grades 6-8, Literature
2008, Fall

A weekly Book Club will be implemented during lunch periods at Orville Wright Middle School. Students will read books at home and discuss their readings in class. For the final project, students will create a commercial to advertise a chosen book.