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Julianne Evangelista

Mt. Baker School District, Maple Falls, WA
Grades K-5, Special Education
2010, Fall

Mrs. Evangelista and Mrs. Marshall will lead the creation of “Intervention Kits.”  The kits will provide an alternative, sensory based curricula for at risk learners throughout the district.  After presenting professional development sessions to ... more »

Julie Hauck

Longfellow Elementary School, Sheboygan, WI
Grades K-5, English
2010, Fall

“Kindles for Kids” will act as a supplemental reading program intended to increase reading motivation and strengthen skills in third grade students.  Students in Mrs. Hauck’s and Mrs. VanWyk’s classrooms will be placed in small, flexible reading ... more »

Frank Spina

Robinson Elementary School, Starksboro, VT
Grades K-5, English
2010, Fall

Spina and colleagues at Robinson Elementary School will participate in a collaborative arts professional learning community, “Arts Come Alive!” (ACA), held at the Flynn Center for Performing Arts in Burlington, Vermont.  ACA is based on research ... more »

Louis Lessor

Westside Elementary School, Sun Prairie, WI
Grades K-5, Computers / Technology
2010, Fall

Lessor will attend a SMART Training certification event in Chicago, Illinois, which will allow him to be trained on the use of Notebook software and the SMART Board interactive whiteboard.  Upon completing the training, Mr. Lessor will conduct professional development ... more »

Paula Pounders

Russellville Elementary School, Russellville, AL
Grades K-5, Mathematics
2010, Fall

In the “Math Masters” program, third, fourth and fifth grade students use Digitz interactive devices to gain mastery of basic math skills.  With the ability to be used in the classroom and at home, “Math Masters” also promotes parental ... more »