Union High School

Tulsa, OK

Grades 9-12, English
Partner(s): Jenny Sullivan
Student Achievement Grant
2010, Fall

About this Grantee

Students in the new Music in Literature class will use all genres of music, from jazz to hip hop, to connect with literature on both an intellectual and emotional level.  Students will analyze lyrics and poetry as well as other literary works in order to obtain an in depth knowledge of literary and poetic devices.  In addition to writing and performing their own rap songs to enhance their academic vocabulary, the students will create their own multimedia life stories fusing personal narrative, photography, poetry, and song.

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1. Katie Hawk (January 24, 2011 @ 12:35 PM)

Hi Amy! This sounds like an interesting and entertaining project. Have any of your students completed their rap songs or multimedia projects? If so, we here at OEA would be delighted to hear/see them. Hope all is well! - Katie Hawk Oklahoma Education Association Social Media Organizer

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