Please check your application for compliance with these guidelines. Complete all required information. Assign a fiscal sponsor if desired. Failure to complete any of these items will disqualify your application.


All proposals must be submitted through the NEA Foundation’s online grant system.


The lead applicant will be the NEA Foundation’s contact person for award notification, reporting, publicity, and other grant-related activities. Administrators may not serve as either the lead or partner applicant. Applications missing lead applicant data will not be considered. The lead and partner applicants must be current members of the National Education Association.

All $5,000 group grant proposals must include partner information. The partner should be prepared to assume leadership of the project should the lead applicant be unable to complete the work. Administrators may not serve as either the lead or partner applicant. Applications for group grants without partner data will not be considered. Applications submitted for individual grants do not need partner data. The partner applicant must be a current member of the National Education Association.

The information for the fiscal sponsor should be entered in this section. Some of the information may already be entered based on the information used during the registration process. If no fiscal sponsor is being utilized the information contained below should be that of the lead applicant. Grant funds will be made payable to the lead applicant and reported to the Internal Revenue Service. The grant funds may be considered taxable income, so the lead applicant may wish to consult with his or her tax advisor before submitting the application. View our About Fiscal Sponsors page for more information.


Provide a summary of 100 words or less describing your proposed work. Please write in a manner in which you would be comfortable allowing the NEA Foundation to use on its website to describe your project. (For examples of how to write an abstract/summary, please view our Featured Grantees page for descriptions of our recently funded grants.)

Describe the professional development plan. What are your goals in this learning? What learning resources do you plan to use? How does the proposed professional development advance your professional goals? How does it advance your workplace goals?

How will this project continue beyond the grand period? How will you continue sharing the knowledge gained in this project? Describe sharing in relation to your colleagues, students, and administrators.

What is the need for this professional development? How did you and your colleagues assess the need? Please define need in terms of both student need and professional need by the applicant(s).

How, when, and where will the learning be accomplished? (Please be aware of the date of grant announcement. Any project taking place prior to the announcement will automatically be removed from consideration. Grant announcement dates can be found here.)

Please consult our Writing Tutorial page.


Provide a line item budget for the proposed work. Your request must total either $2,000 for an individual project or $5,000 for a group project. Identify any additional support (cash or in-kind) that will be provided by other sources, including those provided by your school/district/college/university. Your budget must be in the form of a Word, Excel, or PDF document. The NEA Foundation suggests that your budget be as cost-efficient as possible. Please ensure that all items are directly related to your proposed work, as your budget will be assessed by how realistic, clear, and frugal it is.


Selection Criteria

The NEA Foundation may allocate a number of grants based in part on geographic considerations.

    • Proposed learning is high quality


    • Proposed learning is directly related to a clear and compelling student need.

    • Proposed collegial sharing is interactive and sustained over time.


    • Proposed learning is likely to improve student achievement.

    • Budget is appropriate to the proposed learning and sharing.