The NEA Foundation funds and supports educator-driven solutions to improve student performance. Through our work, we've learned that the best teaching ideas come from our greatest assets, educators. Teachers have great ideas to help their students learn more, but often lack the resources they need to bring these ideas to life. Last year, through our partnership with, we matched public donations to support 1,500 NEA member requests for classroom materials, reaching 120,000 public school students. This year, with your help, we hope to reach even more.


This opportunity is now closed. Thank you to all who supported NEA member classrooms!

What is is an online charity that connects public school teachers in need of classroom materials and other learning needs to corporations, foundations, and everyday people who can help them. Only due to a powerful partnership between the NEA Foundation and are we able to make this special offer available to NEA Members.

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How Does it Work?

*Funding is only applied to projects if citizens (donors) fund the other 50% of your project's cost.



  • Post a project request for $500 or less in total costs (including shipping, optional donation, etc.) for class materials.


  • Within two weeks your project will be added to the NEA Foundation's match offer — making it appear as half-funded and incentivizing donors to support your classroom.


  • Supporters of public education browse requests and make donations.


  • The NEA Foundation matches the money raised, up to $250 per request.


  • Teachers may only receive NEA Foundation match funding for one project.            

What Do I Need to Do?

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  • If you are a NEA Member but new to, you will need to register on To receive matching funds, you must select "NEA" under "Update Affiliations" in your teacher account under "My School Info & Affiliations." Keep in mind your project must cost less than a total of $500 to be eligible.



  • If you are a NEA Member and already registered as a teacher on, log in to your account and post a project today.

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  • I'm not either, but I want to help public educators! Find other educators' classroom needs and make a donation.




Helpful Tips to Increase Funding for Your Project



  • Post early! Match funding goes quickly, so we encourage posting your project soon after the start date, September, 14, 2015.


  • Keep project costs low. Lower-cost projects have a greater chance of being funded.


  • Take advantage of your teacher page to encourage friends and family to support of your project. (You can find the link by logging into your teacher account.)


  • Share your project on Facebook and other social media to gain support of family and friends!