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For 50 years, the NEA Foundation has supported public school educators as they make a lasting impact in their schools and help students to shape their futures. In cities, towns, and rural communities across America, we’ve seen the power of educators’ shared commitment to driving positive change inside and outside the classroom.

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During our 50th anniversary year, we’re reaffirming our commitment to keeping the promise of public education. As we look ahead to the Foundation’s next 50 years, we are lifting up the voices of the great public school educators we support, their partners, and their champions. We invite you to listen, watch, read, and share these inspiring stories featured on this site.

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  • “As teachers, we must bring the world to our students, think critically, facilitate empathy, and inspire action to change the world.”

    Carah Casler

    NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow, ESOL Educator
  • “Our promise of public education is that students will become productive, empathetic, and democratic members of society.”

    Debra McDonald

    NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow, Early Childhood Educator, Wayne County Schools
  • “Keeping the promise of public education means keeping the vibrancy of communities; the strength of families; and the foundation of democracy.”

    Kevin A. Anderson

    Chair, NEA Foundation, Senior Vice President of National Partnerships, Everfi, Inc.
  • “By providing a global based education that focuses on the whole child, natural student curiosity, and fun, I keep the promise of public education.”

    Michael Pope

    NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow, Science (STEM) Educator, Zama Middle High School
  • “Keeping the Promise means giving every child the opportunity to reach for the stars -- both literally and metaphorically. ”

    Bonnie Cullison

    Former President, Montgomery County Education Association
  • “As an NEA Foundation Global Fellow and Math Teacher, I strive to improve my students’ problem solving skills and increase their global competence.”

    Mary Pinkston

    NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow, Math Educator, Brandywine High School
  • “By joining together as educators, students, parents, and policymakers, we help protect and preserve public education as a crucial civil right.”

    Sara A. Sneed

    NEA Foundation President & CEO
  • “Keeping the promise of public education means continuing to show your students that there's excitement in learning and that knowledge is power.”

    Anna Smith

    NEA Foundation Staff Member
  • “Supporting new and creative ways for educators to be more effective enables them to be leaders in their profession and advocate for public education.”

    Sean Corcoran

    NEA Foundation Board Member, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Education, Vanderbilt University Peabody College of Education and Human Development
  • “Music helps develop student empathy and understanding of others. Their compassion grows, and students will find better versions of themselves.”

    Drue Haarsager

    NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow, Social Studies Teacher
  • “Sharing my time with the NEA Foundation Board helps fulfill our collective obligation to ensure all children have a gateway to opportunity.”

    Pedro DeJesus Jr.

    NEA Foundation Board Member, Executive Vice President, Tampico Beverages
  • “I work to make every child feel valued. The cornerstone of our society is a free, high quality public education for all students. ”

    Gay Beck

    NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow, Kindergarten Teacher, Alpine School District
  • “Keeping the promise of public education means supporting educators with the finest resources that honor students' diversity and engage them.”

    Kyle Zimmer

    NEA Foundation Partner, President and CEO, First Book
  • “The NEA Foundation Board keeps the Promise alive by supporting innovative ideas that enhance the work that happens every day in our public schools.”

    Katherine Underwood

    NEA Foundation Board Member, Former President and Representative, National Council of Urban Education Associations
  • “I am grateful for the NEA Foundation's support of my professional growth, helping me bring the real world into my class.”

    Melissa Collins

    NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow, Second Grade Teacher, John P. Freeman Optional School
  • “I keep the promise of public education by expanding my education background in order to prepare my students for the growing world of aviation.”

    Josh Underwood

    NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow, Science Teacher, Mason County High School
  • “It has truly been inspiring to see how the NEA Foundation empowers educators to enhance what they do for kids. The impact is a never ending journey. ”

    Sändra Walker

    NEA Foundation Board Member, Physical Education Teacher, Lawrence Public Schools
  • “Keeping the Promise includes thanking these inquisitive, engaged, and generous educators for all that they do for our students.”

    Susan Burk

    Former NEA Foundation Staff
  • “For immigrant parents like mine, dreams of a better life for their children can be fulfilled when we keep the promise of public education.”

    Vivian Tseng, PhD

    Senior Vice President, William T. Grant Foundation
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