Huffington Post Blog: Helping STEM Take Root

"Helping STEM Take Root: Engaging the Minds of Students" 

By Harriet Sanford

President & CEO, The NEA Foundation

“To see a hopeful future for science education, look no further than the Raccoon Creek watershed in rural Ohio. There, Vinton County High School students are literally getting their feet wet, testing water and examining fish to investigate the impact of acid drainage from more than a century’s worth of coal mining in the Appalachians.

It’s real science,

From the classroom to Mars: Loving science and math

When the Mars rover Curiosity landed on the Red Planet weeks ago, many Americans rekindled their love affair with space exploration. The small rover’s ability to touch the hearts of millions of Americans from light-years away begs the

Huffington Post Blog: Addressing the Other Side of Teacher Evaluation

"Addressing the Other Side of Teacher Evaluation"

Powerful improvements in instruction occur when teachers are observed, supported, and assessed by their peers. Want to know more? Read my blog on the Huffington Post.

Questions? Thoughts? Please let

Issue Brief: Peer Assistance & Review

Most professions have mechanisms in place to ensure that their practitioners know and carry out the highest standards of practice. Teacher peer assistance and review programs (PAR) are just such a mechanism in public education: teachers observe,

Report: Expaned Learning Opportunities

Through expanded learning opportunities (ELOs), time is being reconsidered in districts across the nation to improve student learning and increase teaching effectiveness in support of 21st century learning goals.

Given the relative newness of many of

Huffington Post Blog: Seattle & Springfield Home Visits Program Featured

"Bringing it Home"

I am delighted to share with you my op-ed, linked above, which the Huffington Post posted yesterday afternoon.

It tells the powerful story of parent-teacher home visits in two of our Closing the Achievement Gaps Initiative sites,

Issue Brief: Parent-Teacher Home Visits

Parent-teacher home visits, virtually unheard of a decade ago, are rapidly gaining national attention. They are proving to be a way of deepening trust and relationships among teachers, parents and students, and helping teachers better understand the

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“The Promethean ActivBoard will only enhance the learning experience for my students... We can jump right online and conduct investigations, explore topics further in much greater detail. And it’s right at our fingertips.”Christopher Stone, Wallingford, CT2014 Awards for Teaching Excellence recipientAWARDS GALA
I approached the remainder of the [NEA Leadership Summit] with the lens of educator-led, student success, which I found to be very empowering.Joshua Quick, Aurora, CO French Teacher at Hinkley High SchoolONLINE COURSES
“They say, ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’  I think we can all agree that it takes the commitment of a very large, powerful, dedicated and loving village of educators to educate a child. “Phylicia Rashad, Tony Award-winning actressHost of the NEA Foundation's 2014 Awards GalaAWARDS GALA
“It is my responsibility to empower my students to investigate this diverse Earth with purpose; the cultures within it, and the resources it provides. The fellowship has given me the knowledge to do this.”Loryn Windwehen, San Antonio, TX2013 Pearson Foundation Global Learning Fellow and Teacher at Harris Middle SchoolPEARSON FOUNDATION GLOBAL LEARNING FELLOWSHIP
“Unless we come together to design it, to implement it, and, most importantly, believe in it, it won’t happen.”Dennis Van RoekelPresident, National Education AssociationBOARD OF DIRECTORS
“By supporting the development of a robotics curriculum, this grant…will make a difference in preparing our students for a STEM career.”Tony Svozil, Flossmoor, ILThe NEA Foundation Grantee and Honors Physics/Honors College Engineering Teacher at Homewood-Flossmoor Community High School Districts 233LEARNING & LEADERSHIP GRANTS
“…The businesses that sit at the economic center of every community need quality public schools in order to grow the pool of qualified workers…”Harriet Sanford, Washington, DCPresident & CEO, The NEA FoundationSTAFF
“(This is what my teachers said to me:) DO NOT BE AFRAID. One day you will rise and I may be a distant memory. But for now, take your seat. Breathe. Breathe. Class is in session.” Blessed Sheriff, Award-winning poetStudent at Montgomery County (MD) Public SchoolsAWARDS GALA
“I am particularly passionate about the Foundation’s far-reaching efforts to close achievement gaps in several communities.”Mark Chichester, Washington, DCBoard Chair, The NEA Foundation Board of DirectorsBOARD OF DIRECTORS
“The [fellowship] has me excited about broadening my students’ view of the world they live in. The experiences have helped stimulate my thinking and designing of new curriculum.”Thomas Young, Waitsfield, VT2013 Pearson Foundation Global Learning Fellow and Teacher at Waitsfield Elementary School PEARSON FOUNDATION GLOBAL LEARNING FELLOWSHIP
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