Grantees discover new ways to help students learn

From robotics to tablet training for educators...

Tablets, such as the iPad or Kindle, are all the rage in classrooms today. But what about the educators who are teaching with tablet technology for the first time in their careers?

A Douglas, MA educator, Susan Nicholas, and her co-applicant, Jessica Findlay, of Douglas Intermediate Elementary School, received a $5,000 Learning & Leadership Grant to lead a district-wide tablet training session for their peers in preparation for the iPad implementation program to take place in all elementary and middle schools.

Other educators, like Lisa Aburto and her co-applicant, Roger Aburto, received a $5,000 Student Achievement Grant to allow their Yucca Loma Elementary School students in Apple Valley, CA, to team up with local high school students and assemble basic robots to compete in a LEGO Robotics Challenge.

The NEA Foundation recently awarded 42 grants to educators from 25 states across the country, but you haven’t missed your chance to receive funding. Every year, more than 150 grants go to supporting public school educators’ innovative ideas to improve teaching and learning.

Our next deadline is quickly approaching on February 1, 2014. Have a smaller-scale idea? We also offer $2,000 level grant funding.

Apply for a NEA Foundation grant during the holidays and start the New Year off right! Need help? Find application guidelines, a writing tutorial, criteria, faqs, an instructional video, and more.

Check back here from time to time to see how NEA Foundation grant projects like these are progressing.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user RDECOM

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