Stories from our Fellows

What does it mean to educate students for life and work in an interconnected world?

Read these stories to see our Fellows’ thoughts.

  • “We are all curious about each other, and we have a lot to learn. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to explore my own curiosity...”

    Mary Pinkston

    Math Educator & 2011 Global Learning Fellow, Wilmington, DE

Teaching Indigenous Students At Home or Abroad

By Anna Baldwin, Class of 2015

5 Inspiring Lessons for Educators from Chinese Proverbs

By Kathryn Woerner, Class of 2014

5 More Things American Educators Can Learn from Chinese Proverbs

By Kathryn Woerner, Class of 2014

What Happens When You Take 35 Teachers to Brazil to Study Schools & Culture? Magic.

By Jeanne DelColle, Class of 2013

The Culture of Our Most Vulnerable Students

By Joshua Parker, Class of 2013

Preparing Young Students to Go Global

By Melissa Collins, Class of 2013

Stepping into São Paulo Classrooms

By Loryn Windwehen, Class of 2013

What Brazilian Educators Had to Teach Me

By Loryn Windwehen, Class of 2013

Prepare Our Students for the World They Will Inherit

By Scott McKim, Class of 2013

How Global Exposure Leads to Creative Solutions

By Joshua Parker, Class of 2013

The Best Lessons Are Learned in Unexpected Places

By Jonathan Gillentine, Class of 2012

I Thought I Was Doing Enough; I Was Wrong

By Mary Eldredge-Sandbo, Class of 2012

Why a Global Perspective Matters for Students at All Levels

By Mary Pinkston, Class of 2011

The Other Side to the Story

By Sarah Johnston, Class of 2011

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