Margaret Dieter

Ms. Dieter and Ms. Hanford implement “Expeditions” to provide high school students with a broader understanding of English, world cultures, fine arts, and physical education. One portion of the program entitled “Around the World in 45 Days” combines knowledge of world cultures and English. Students learn about other cultures and religions by researching global issues such as natural resources and the environment, and read related fiction and nonfiction novels. In addition, students create multimedia presentations for a cultural fair in which observers can visit different countries. In the program’s second portion, “Adventure-Literature,” students read adventure biographies and gain outdoor experience. Students then interview local athletes and adventure enthusiasts, write their biographies, and present their final essays to community members or post them on personal webpages. A booklet of one-sentence stories is published, presented to parents and friends at an open-mike night, and sold at local coffee shops to raise money for future publications.