Orange Grove Elementary School

Anaheim, CA

Grades K-5, General Pedagogical Practice
Partner(s): Angela Padgett
Student Achievement Grant
2010, Fall

About this Grantee

Ms. Tinder and Ms. Padgett will collaborate to lead and develop a “Parents in Partnership Program.”  Once a month, kindergarten through sixth grade students and their parents will participate in classroom sessions to focus on specific skills.  Selected students will be trained by lead teachers and serve as classroom experts, translators, and peer tutors.  This program will improve student achievement as well as promote parental and family involvement.

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1. Bill Guy (January 24, 2011 @ 12:17 PM)

Congratulations on your grant. I'm the CTA Communications Consultant working with chapters and members throughout Region IV. I'm interested in knowing how your project is going?

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