Leading Change

We know that when public school educators, their unions, school districts and communities collaborate and focus on learning conditions, student performance will improve.

Building State Affiliate Capacity

The landscape of public education continues to change, with significant changes in the composition of the educator workforce and student demographics and a dynamic, global world that requires today’s students to master 21st century skills. As the landscape shifts, so do the needs of the educators that NEA serves. This initiative, launched in the fall of 2013, is a pilot program designed to test whether state affiliate influence and relevance to both its members and the broader educational community increases by expanding services and building skills in support of the professional needs of educators and their students.

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Closing the Achievement Gaps Initiative

The NEA Foundation Closing the Achievement Gaps Initiative is an effort to accelerate the achievement rate for under-achieving low income and minority students via targeted philanthropy. Sites define their own plans to increase achievement in their communities and we provide up to $250,000 in funding annually over a five year period.

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Institute for Innovation in Teaching & Learning

The NEA Foundation Institute for Innovation in Teaching and Learning supports local unions and school district leaders’ collaborative efforts to improve education by focusing on a single issue and providing a dedicated coach, connecting leaders to a larger community of practice, and sharing online curriculum on issues of labor-management, and how to lead change and reform. The Institute is comprised of labor-management teams from across the country. Each has identified issues most critical to their students and has made a commitment to work together toward a common goal: to improve the quality of education for their students.

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Enroll in Online Courses

The NEA Foundation’s free online courses were developed to support district and union leadership – and the field as a whole. Our goal is to increase the education community’s ability to design and implement reform projects collaboratively. We believe that these online courses can help to achieve this goal by building skill and capacity in labor-management relations, change management, and leadership. The NEA Foundation will be developing a total of 19 courses.

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Leading Change Resources

We know that we can’t do this work alone and are dedicated to sharing our learning as broadly as possible. Find publications, research, and online courses that can support unions and districts working together to improve student performance.

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