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From the classroom to Mars: Loving science and math

When the Mars rover Curiosity landed on the Red Planet weeks ago, many Americans rekindled their love affair with space exploration. The small rover’s ability to touch the hearts of millions of Americans from light-years away begs the question: Is science cool again? For those at JPL, NASA, and many students across the country, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) never stopped being cool.

And, with generous support from the AT&T Foundation, the NEA Foundation has funded innovative programs in Milwaukee, WI and Appalachian Ohio to tap into students’ innate curiosity by strengthening systemic, instructional efforts to improve high school STEM education.

The cases and videos presented in our newest report, Harnessing the Potential of Innovative STEM Education Programs: Stories of Collaboration, Connectedness and Empowerment,” provide examples of high school STEM programs that keep students wanting more and that:

  • Support teacher knowledge and growth;
  • Deliver relevant and engaging instruction through experiential learning opportunities; and
  • Connect community assets and resources in pursuit of increased student achievement.

Watch the video above featuring Milwaukee Public Schools, and check out the other three STEM videos in the series to learn why students say they love science and math.

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