Rapid Response Grants

  • COVID Response


The NEA Foundation awarded COVID-19 Rapid Response Grants for educator-led initiatives to adapt to the unique circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic starting during the summer of 2020. These projects throughout the nation will confront contributors to educational inequity and educational opportunity gaps, including:

• Addressing the social and emotional needs of educators, students, and students’ families;
• Learning new pedagogy and/or adapting curricula to support distance/virtual learning and instruction;
• Addressing students’ summer learning loss;
• Preparing for the transition back to traditional schooling or adapting to continued virtual schooling;
• Supporting students’ parents’/caregivers’ efforts to support their children’s learning (via virtual class instruction or summer enrichment activities); and
• Meeting the nutritional needs of students who rely on school meals and school-based summer feeding programs

The NEA Foundation is proud to support educators as they work to serve their students and communities during the pandemic.

Generous support for the COVID-19 Rapid Response Grants has been provided by First National Bank of Omaha.

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