Application Instructions

Applications for the 2020 Global Learning Fellowship are now open. 

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You are eligible to apply if you are both:

  • A current K-12 classroom teacher employed in a public school
  • A current NEA member

To Apply:

Each section provides instructions on completing that portion of the application. You must create an account to apply, and you can save your work and come back to the application later. Besides a working computer and internet connection, to complete the application, you’ll need:

  • Your NCES School and District ID Numbers (this information can be found on the NCES website). For U.S. public schools, the District ID is the first 7 digits of the 12 digit NCES School ID.
  • An up-to-date resume or curriculum vitae (.doc, .docx, or .pdf). The application also accepts website links if your resume and/or curriculum vitae is online (e.g. LinkedIn).
  • Lesson plan/classroom evidence of global competence (encouraged)
  • Links to online examples of your work (e.g. videos, student projects, etc.) (optional)

Letters of recommendation are not required for the application.

Have you started an application but are having trouble completing it? Check out these five questions to jump start your application.

The Application Includes:

  • School information
  • Contact information
  • School and classroom environment: the subject and grade level you teach as well as your experience in the classroom
  • Education and professional background: your education, any professional awards or distinctions, and your curriculum vitae
  • Global experience: any international travel or global education work you may have completed previously. International experience is not required for the Fellowship.
  • Free response questions: your perspective on teaching, including questions on how you would share your experience as a Fellow and your passion for teaching (max. 1,500 characters)
  • An essay section

The Essay Section:

The essay questions are long-form answers (about 2,000 characters max) about:

  • Your motivation to apply for the Fellowship
  • How you demonstrate global competence, based on Asia Society’s explanation: In addition to knowledge of the world, a globally competent citizen exhibits habits like critical thinking, rational optimism, innovation, empathy, and awareness of the influences of culture on individual behavior and world events.
  • How you encourage students to debate and consider a range of perspectives.

There is also additional space to share lesson plans and other materials.

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