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California Casualty Awardees John Trohkimoinen: Ways of Learning

California Casualty Awardees John Trohkimoinen: Ways of Learning

Great educators have great stories. This series gives a glimpse of the ideas, practices, and experiences of the recipients of the NEA Foundation’s California Casualty Awards for Teaching Excellence. Today, we’re sharing the words of John Trohkimoinen, a social studies educator at Natrona County High School in Casper, WY. 

I use many strategies and methods to ensure students achieve at a high level. I teach using multiple modalities to address students’ unique ways of learning. I use repetition, and provide many opportunities for students to find success in my classroom.

I like to use analogies when I teach to give students more relatable ways to understand concepts. I try hard to provide positive feedback on student work and cheer them on to work hard so they can achieve success.

I challenge students in their beliefs and thought by using facts and reason, and encourage students to question topics. I try to provide an atmosphere for meaningful dialogue, conversation, and discussion that allows all students to participate.

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