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Curriculum Guide Engages Students in Lessons of Latino Leaders

Curriculum Guide Engages Students in Lessons of Latino Leaders

A hallmark of public education is to lift up the history, backgrounds and cultures of all people that make up our communities. In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, the NEA Foundation is proud to share a wonderful curriculum guide, developed by The Latino Leaders Network, ready-made for educators to use whether in person or in virtual learning. The curriculum guide aims to shine a spotlight the role

models, heroes and outstanding leaders who make up the Latino Community. A fellow nonprofit, The Latino Leaders Network is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to “Bringing Leaders Together” to share personal stories, grow relationships and build unity.

In partnership with the California Global Education Project, the two developed the guide including lesson plans, book chapters from Latino Leaders Speak, and visual aids for students experiencing online learning at home. Each segment presents a “hook” to engage students and isdesigned to fit easily with topics of discussion in courses including Ethnic Studies, U.S. History and Geography, English Language Arts, Health, Science, and any other discipline where the stories of Latino leaders can foster a sense of belonging.

Ready to get started? For educators interested in utilizing this curriculum or sharing with colleagues, click here to access the digital resources for online learning.