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EF Education First Recognized for Outstanding Service to Public Education

EF Education First Recognized for Outstanding Service to Public Education

EF Education First Recognized for Outstanding Service to Public Education

The NEA Foundation and First National Bank of Omaha to honor EF Education First  on February 8, 2019 in Washington, DC for opening the world through education

WASHINGTON, DC (February 5, 2019) –In order for students to thrive in our increasingly interconnected world, it is important for educators to have the knowledge, skills, and disposition necessary to integrate global competencies into classroom instruction. Leading in this space is EF Education First (EF), a world leader in international education committed to creating life-changing experiences for global citizens.

To recognize EF’s impact on public education and its role in advancing global learning, the NEA Foundation will present EF with the First National Bank of Omaha Award for Outstanding Service to Public Education on February 8, 2019, during the Foundation’s annual awards gala in Washington, DC.

For the past eight years, EF has been a partner of the NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellowship. EF opens a world of possibilities for global citizens, changing the lives of more than 1 million students every year with the commitment of more than 52,000 staff and teachers across 116 countries. EF’s multifaceted approach, which focuses on language acquisition, academics, cultural exchange, and educational travel programs for students and educators alike is a shining example of excellence in education.

“EF understands the importance of global learning in the life of students and educators. They are committed to making a positive contribution to the global community through partnerships and experiences, and we are thrilled to honor their efforts,” said Harriet Sanford, President and CEO of the NEA Foundation. “We are grateful for their support of the NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellowship and proud to recognize the value of the work they do.”

“First National Bank of Omaha is pleased to recognize EF for its commitment to global learning,” said Jerry J. O’Flanagan, Executive Vice President of Consumer Banking. “EF is improving opportunities for educators and students worldwide.”

“On behalf of everyone at EF, we are honored to accept this recognition; and we are humbled by the opportunity EF has had over more than 50 years to support dedicated public school educators as they work tirelessly to integrate global education programs in their classrooms – with the ultimate goal of giving students a new perspective on the world, on themselves, and on themselves in the world,” said Kate Berseth, Executive Vice President, EF Education First. “We have been moved by our work with the NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellows, and inspired by the Foundation’s commitment to making global learning a priority among its programs.”  

The outstanding service award pays tribute to those who have significantly increased understanding of public education or have otherwise dedicated themselves to serving educators and students. Past recipients of this prestigious award include Title IX advocate Billie Jean King, Sesame Street Workshop, the NAACP, Nickelodeon, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Global Kids, and the American Indian College Fund.

The award is part of the NEA Foundation’s Salute to Excellence in Education Gala, an annual celebration of the men and women who work in America’s public schools. The gala will also honor 46 public school educators nominated by their peers for having attained the highest teaching standards, as illustrated by their exemplary instruction, advocacy for the profession, and staunch support of public education. It attracts more than 900 of the nation’s leaders in and supporters of public education. This year’s event will be co-hosted by renowned actor, director, poet, and musician Malcolm-Jamal Warner, and award-winning journalist, speaker, author and philanthropist Soledad O’Brien.

The gala will be live streamed on Friday, February 8 beginning at 7:30 p.m. ET here.


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