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Five Questions to Jump Start Your GLF Application

Five Questions to Jump Start Your GLF Application

Would you like to be an NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow, but haven’t submitted an application yet? Use the following questions to brainstorm why you would be a great fit for our program!


1. What sets you apart from other educators who are also interested in global learning?

Think through your teaching experiences and moments working with students, and see if you can pinpoint a specific moment when you began to understand the value of teaching for global competence.

2. If you have had experience with similar programs, what will make this opportunity different for you and your students?

Try to describe how participating in the Fellowship would allow you to take your work to the next level. Will you leverage this program to support new goals? Or perhaps you now have a better sense of the challenges that can exist in this work, and would like to use the opportunity to create solutions?

3. How will you share your experience with colleagues who might not have access to the same opportunities? Or even the same interests?

Challenge yourself to think through your unique spheres of influence and what it would take for you to be a leader in your community.

4. How have you encouraged global thinking in your classroom without even talking about travel?

There are a variety of skills that play into global competence that you are probably already encouraging in your students without explicitly categorizing them as “global.” If you’re encouraging your students to be aware of and curious about the world around them – that’s global thinking! Recognizing the interdisciplinary potential of global learning opens up a range of possibilities to integrate these skills into your teaching practice.

5. How do you help your students care about the world?

At the most fundamental level, we are looking for educators who care about the world, and who are able to foster the same curiosity and compassion in their students. Don’t hesitate to apply if you have never had a passport or think that fewer travel experiences puts you at a disadvantage. Global education is about much more than travel, and building relationships within your own community is a great way to start!

Questions Before You Submit:

  • Did I review the rubric? Be sure to click on “What are you looking for in an applicant?”
  • Are the resources/attachments I included items I created or items written about me and my classroom?
  • Have I made full use of the space provided to back up my ideas and beliefs with specific examples from my life and work?
  • Have I incorporated context on the most relevant pieces of my resume into my application responses?
  • Have I clearly described my goals? Are the goals I selected an appropriate challenge for me considering my own level of expertise and prior experience with this work?
If you would like some additional resources to help frame your thoughts and goals, consider looking into the Asia Society Framework, ASCD’s Globally Competent Learning Continuum, or OECD’s PISA Global Competence Framework.