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Grantee Story: Fourth Graders Discover History in Own Backyards

Grantee Story: Fourth Graders Discover History in Own Backyards

Here at the NEA Foundation we’re always excited to share the innovative things our grantees are doing. We recently learned more about a creative way some students in Virginia are learning about the history of their state through a program we funded. In addition to learning in the classroom, Potowmack Elementary School created a program for their fourth grade students to take a series of local field trips to discover the history in their own back yards.

Michele Copeland is the school librarian and one of the architects of this program. She wants these students to see the history right in Loudoun County, Virginia. According to Michele, most of the students have “never experienced its rich history or been made aware of the valuable agricultural heritage in western Loudoun. The project is designed to boost student awareness of the history that is literally around them, and give them a chance to record the history in their own unique way.”

Through trips, her student discovered that the history was all around them, they just need to open their eyes.

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