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How do you get your students moving?

How do you get your students moving?

So far, 1,000 NEA member projects have been funded on, providing nearly 80,000 students with much-needed learning materials. But, 800 projects await your support. Help a classroom today, and we’ll match your donation!

Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get in a workout? According to the Let’s Move initiative, launched by First Lady Michelle Obama, today, more than 30% of children are overweight or obese. These rates are even higher among African American and Hispanic communities, where 40% are overweight or obese.

What can we do about it? Mrs. Crumbley of McDonough Elementary School in McDonough, GA, wants to get her kindergarteners moving. With only 15 minutes for recess, that physical activity needs to be integrated into classroom learning.

Crumbley requested materials on, including non-skid number and alphabet activity mats to encourage movement while learning essential concepts. She also requested swing-and-catch cups and beanbags for students to throw and retrieve while learning shapes, colors, and letters.

You can help her kindergarten students get the materials they need to get moving by supporting Crumbley’s project on today.

For every dollar you give, the NEA Foundation will give one, too!

Photo by Flickr user: US Department of Education