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Grant Application Tip: Have a Good Reason For a Grant

Grant Application Tip: Have a Good Reason For a Grant

By Jesse Graytock

Grants Manager, The NEA Foundation

As Grants Manager, I like to offer tips to educators that are not just applicable when applying for a grant from the NEA Foundation, but can but useful when applying for any type of grant.  Here is my tip for this month:  Have a good reason for a grant.

Remember, you’re not just asking for money; rather, you’re requesting an investment into a project that will change students’ lives. Current trends in philanthropy have shown that there is an expectation that the grantee is held accountable for providing the grant maker with not only a solid reason for a grant, but also regular updates on the progress of the project.

In your application, ensure that you are descriptive when defining the work you plan to do. Vaguely asking for $5,000 for 10 laptops is one idea. it’s an entirely different (and stronger) idea to submit a proposal describing the need for $5,000 for 10 laptops for a middle school writing project that will strengthen students’ language skills. Funders wish to provide grants for innovative projects, not simply for materials.

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