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Huffington Post Blog: Our Schools Need More Strange Bedfellows

“Our Schools Need More Strange Bedfellows”

By Harriet Sanford

President & CEO, The NEA Foundation

“Getting communities more involved with their public schools can lead to strange bedfellows, like the group of motorcyclists that descended upon Littleton Elementary School in Lee County, Fla., this past holiday season.

The North Fort Myers chapter of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association motored onto campus to provide gifts, food, and other holiday assistance to the school’s needy families. It was an “above-and-beyond” act of charity, but what’s striking is just how the bikers and the school found each other. One of the school’s teachers had won an award from the community’s independent, non-profit local education foundation — an award intended not just to honor teachers, but to get as many people in the community as possible to understand the needs faced by schools and the children they serve. …”

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