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NEA Foundation Looks Back: Our Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

By Kate Schaefer

NEA Foundation Intern

We know we’re a few weeks into 2016 already, but we’re in a nostalgic mood (mostly for summer), and we wanted to share with you some of our favorite NEA Foundation blog posts from 2015. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Global learning persepective is key

1. 5 Ways to Teach Global Competency Through Experiential Learning

March, 2015

It was too hard to choose between all the amazing posts from our Global Learning Fellows, so we cheated and picked all of them. Check out the list to see what we learned about global competency classrooms from visiting educators around the world!

Carmen ortiz-mcghee of the nea foundation

2. Ortiz-McGhee on minority education amidst a non-diverse teaching force

January, 2015

With an increasingly diverse student population, we think NEA Foundation board member Carmen Ortiz-McGhee’s comments on how educators can support minority students are hugely important. In this interview with Susanna G. Baumann of, Ortiz-McGhee discussed the positive effects of collaboration and inclusiveness.

NEA grants manager visits sixth grade math class

3. Lessons from a Second Grade Classroom

May, 2015

Our own Jesse Graytock traveled to Fredericksburg, Virginia to check out how sixth-grade educator Stefanie Root has transformed her classroom with her NEA Foundation Student Achievement Grant. You can watch the video of Stefanie’s class at work here!

Grants for educators

4. How a Texas School District Finds Innovation in Teaching with Peer Assistance and Review

August, 2015

One of our most important jobs here at the NEA Foundation is to help educators teach even better. So we were excited to work with San Antonio on their Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) program, which helps inexperienced educators through professional development mentoring and feedback. Check out this Lessons Learned post for some insights about what they do!

5. Peru through the Eyes of a “Hopeful” Traveler

July, 2015

Terri Butts, last year’s top NEA Foundation Learning and Leadership Grant awardee, wrote this photo-filled reflection on her experience in Peru with the 2015 class of Global Learning Fellows. She discussed food, architecture, adventure, and – of course – classrooms!

NEA foundation happy earth day

6. Why Urban Farming Helps Students Across Disciplines

April, 2015

Our esteemed President & CEO, Harriet Sanford, published an article in The Huffington Post describing how urban farming helps kids learn about not only science but also healthy living, entrepreneurship, and service. We’re just jealous that these kids are better gardeners than we are!

7. Our Favorite NEA Foundation’s Salute to Excellence in Education Gala Moments

February, 2015

We can’t look back on 2015 without remembering our biggest event of the year, the Salute to Excellence in Education Awards Gala! We were thrilled to recognize children’s book author and illustrator Christopher Myers and his father, the late Walter Dean Myers, as well as the wonderful educators who came to Washington, DC to receive their awards. We hope you’ll be able to celebrate with us this year on February 12, either in person or by watching the live stream!

What were your favorite 2015 moments in education? Share them with us in the comments or on social media!

New year, new grant opportunities! Check out the NEA Foundation website for information on how to apply for grant resources. The next deadline for application is February 1, 2016.

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