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Edcuators Get a ‘Big Help’ From Nickelodeon

Edcuators Get a ‘Big Help’ From Nickelodeon

We have just awarded 41 grants to educators in 24 states in partnership with Nickelodeon’s “The Big Help.” Each school year, the Foundation awards more than 150 grants to educators in every state. It is always eye-opening and inspiring to see what these educators can do with.  Here are just a few examples of the classroom projects and professional development that educators will undertake over the next year:

In Kissimmee, FL, students will have fun learning important principles of “roller coaster” science as they design, build, and test scale roller coasters.

In Holland, OH, through the “Virtual Book Buddies” program, eighth grade students will use technology to create digital storybooks, partnering with kindergarten students to improve their reading skills.

In Lake Mills, WI, educators are engaging students and improving writing and reading skills by integrating innovative web 2.0 technologies, such as blogs, webinars, podcasts, and electronic readers, into lessons across curriculum.

Music educator, Kerrin Stewart, of Acton, Mass., will travel to Ghana for three weeks to study the musical traditions of the Ewe people.  When she returns, she will create an in-depth unit for the upper elementary grades exploring West African music, dance, and culture.

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