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Ready for Some Good News About Teaching?

Ready for Some Good News About Teaching?

Every year, with support from the NEA Foundation, public school educators in schools nationwide are finding new ways to increase student engagement in learning and are sharing new approaches to instructional practice with their peers. We have just awarded 57 grants to educators in 33 states.

With a $5,000 grant, Ms. Reynolds’ 11th and 12th grade Music In Literature students in Tulsa, OK, will perform and create their own multi-media life stories through photography, poetry, and rap, while building analytical, technical, and creative skills. In Indiana, teachers at Gosport Elementary will study brained-based teaching strategies designed to improve academic performance and to reduce disciplinary problems. They will share new approaches with their colleagues through a blog that will include podcasts, videos, and other support materials.

These are just two examples.Since 1998, we have invested more than $7.4 million to support the ideas of 2,500 innovative educators, because we know teachers understand best how to find and unlock their students’ potential.

Find out more about NEA Foundation and grants.Support this work or learn how you can apply. Our next deadline is Feb. 1.