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South African students sharing powerful stories through video

South African students sharing powerful stories through video

For the last two years, we have supported a digital arts literacy program in South Africa with our friends at the Pearson Foundation.  

The Pearson Foundation staff members were in Durban, South Africa over the last few weeks and shared their experiences and photos on their Facebook page.  

Here is what they said about the project:

“The Pearson Foundation Africa team is spending the week with some amazing students in Durban, South Africa!

These kids will learn to write, shoot, and edit their own films about social issues that affect them all, such as HIV/Aids and drug abuse in their community. Most come from very underprivileged homes. In S.A. this means living day-to-day wondering where the money for meals will come from. These students recognize the importance of education as a way out of poverty.

The program, serving 33 students at Sithokozile Secondary School, is sponsored by the Pearson Foundation, the NEA Foundation, and Caversham Press in South Africa.”

Watch Mandisa’s story below.  She was a student in the program last year and helped to lead the program this year.