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The NEA Foundation Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week 2021

During Teacher Appreciation Week, the Foundation looks to lift up moving stories of educators who are building a better future for public education.

Watch below short stories of those who have left a lasting impact on school communities and of the teachers who are inspired to serve students and families.

Kerisa Baedke - Iowa

Kerisa Baedke

Watch how Ms. Baedke's unique approach to teaching about Latinx culture has made a lasting impact on her school community and inspired her colleagues.

Jake Miller - Pennsylvannia

Jake Miller

Watch Jake Miller share how three of his sixth grade teachers gave him the support and confidence he needed to inspire his journey to being an award-winning social studies educator.

TK Nagayoshi - Massachusetts

Takeru Nagayoshi

An inspiration for so many, watch Mr. Nagayoshi's is a shining example of how educators can use their backgrounds to make meaningful connections in the classroom. Watch his students share about the difference he’s made on their lives.

Amy Gallaway - Alaska

Amy Gallaway

Watch how Ms. Gallaway makes learning the importance of American democracy fun and engaging for her students, while preparing them to be the next generation of leaders.

Josh Parker - Maryland

Josh Parker

Watch Mr. Parker share about the special impact his teachers had on his journey to becoming a great educator and why he strives to be a positive example for students of color.

Jessica Jernegan - Oklahoma

Jessica Jernegan

Watch how Ms. Jernegan developed an innovative and engaging way to highlight student successes at her campus, encouraging students to put their best foot forward in the classroom.

Cicely Woodard - Tennessee

Cicely Woodard

When students root for one another in the classroom, one student's success becomes everyone's success. Watch how Ms. Woodard fostered a spirit of community in her math class that sparked a true love for learning!

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