Guide for Current Grantees

Grant Resources
Guide for Current Grantees

Congratulations on receiving one of our grants! We know you’re doing great work, and we want to share that work with the world.

This guide includes information on how you can share your grant project, how and what to submit for your required final report, and how to share any lesson plans you’ve developed during your grant.

Share Your Story With Us

The best way for us to share your work is through our website and social media platforms, but we need your help to get the word out. Below are a few simple ways you can share your story with us:

  1. Fill out a quick questionnaire to share your Lessons Learned.
  2. Share a video of your project with us.

We may share your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages or in the Ideas & Voices section!

Reporting Guidelines

As a grantee, you must submit a final report once you’ve completed your project. These reports provide us with a deeper understanding of the unique work you’ve done and allow us to share that work with other educators.

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