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Educators Embark on a Global Education Adventure

Educators Embark on a Global Education Adventure

Automation of jobs. Globalization. Demographic shifts. New skill demands. These forces are necessitating that students learn differently in order to thrive in the interconnected world. But, how does that happen?

In June, 36 award-winning educators will travel to Brazil on a continuation of their learning journey as the NEA Foundation’s Pearson Foundation Global Learning Fellows. The fellowship is a professional development opportunity designed to help educators acquire the necessary skills they and their students will need to be successful in the interconnected global economy.

Educators will visit schools in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazilwhere they will observe classroom instruction and interact with teachers and administrators while gaining insights on education polices at the local , state, and national level.  In between, they’ll have the chance to investigate Brazil’s rich historical and cultural landmarks.

But the fellowship is much more than just a trip abroad! Fellows have been rigorously preparing with in-depth readings, webinars, and discussions on global competency and content covering all aspects of Brazilian life. In February, a two-day professional development workshop in Washington, DC placed them in front of country experts and global competency leaders. Each fellow also received basic Portuguese language training courtesy of Rosetta Stone. (Do you know how to say ‘thank you, teachers!’ in Portuguese? They do!)

Are they ready? We certainly think so.

But the journey doesn’t end when they get home. Once stateside, they will complete lesson, unit, or curriculum plans designed to integrate global competence into their classrooms. These projects will then be shared with educators around the country and around the world through a host of virtual platforms.

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