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It’s International Education Week!

It’s International Education Week!

International Education Week marks a special time during the school year, when individuals and institutions worldwide celebrate the benefits of international education— together or in their own communities— by participating in exchange activities.

We know that the global innovation age is here to stay. So, what exactly are the benefits of an international education?

VIDEO: Joshua Parker, a Class of 2013 Global Learning Fellow, shares “how global exposure leads to creative solutions” for the NEA Foundation’s “Reflections” series.

In a new series, the NEA Foundation’s Global Learning Fellows— from the class of 2011 to the present— talk about joining the global professional development fellowship and building global competency skills and knowledge.

What does it mean to educate students for life and work in the global age? Read the “Reflections” series to find out, and also explore several Global Learning Fellows-developed lesson plans for use in your own classroom.