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Capstone Projects

2022 Capstone Projects

This collection of websites was developed and co-created by the 2022 NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellowship Class. Each site provides educators with essential tools to prepare students for active global citizenship in their classrooms and beyond.


Global Education In Math

  • This guide is intended for math teachers everywhere and helps explain what global education is, why it is important in math classrooms, and provides resources to help embed real world data into the classroom. The goal is to give students learning experiences that teach them math but also skills they will need in the 21st century.

Social Studies

Incorporating Authentic Voices

  • This project focuses on five (5) main methods of incorporating authentic voices into the classroom across disciplines and subject areas. Each method has detailed instructions on how best to implement them in your own classroom. 

Virtual Field Trip: White House Tour

  • Educators can use this resource to help students to think about the world beyond their own classroom. Regardless of student’s English or Spanish proficiency, all students can connect with the concept of home. By the end of the activity, students should be able to answer: What is a natural or cultural place that is worth protecting or safeguarding?

Global Learning Through Storytelling

  • Storytelling acts as a celebration of cultural diversity, provides students with support in their language learning, and builds self-esteem. This lesson can be incorporated within many types of units. Students will explore a resource that is either written or visual and then create and share-out a story from the perspective of a person within the resource.

The Dark Side of Chocolate

  • This multidisciplinary unit focuses on the cacao industry and is an excellent introduction to this worldwide community. This unit targets many critical thinking skills and focuses on several Sustainable Development Goals created by the United Nations as a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.” It includes numerous educational standards across academic subjects for 5th and 6th-grade students.


Life Below Water

  • The mission of the project is to collect educator resources for all grade levels that share information on the UN Global Sustainability Goal 14; Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. On this website, educators can utilize lesson plans and literary resources for elementary and secondary students.

Developing Global Citizenship Through the Sciences & the United Nations

  • The focus of this project is to incorporate global competency through the use of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals within science and agriculture classrooms. The UN SDGs provide a great opportunity to use science in the teaching of global citizenship. On this website, educators can find five different lessons that utilize different SDGs to teach global citizenship. Most of these lessons can be adapted to any age level.


Using Storytelling to Promote Action

  • Through this project, fellows have compiled five different lesson plans or activities that incorporate storytelling. From digital storytelling, to personal experiences and graphic novel memoirs, educators across the K-12 spectrum can find a lesson that works for their classroom!


Global Competencies in Multiple Settings

  • Built from a group of instructional coaches, guidance counselors, teachers of the gifted, and more, this project seeks to provide strategies to build global competence in educational settings that may not be a traditional classroom setting. From how to introduce global goals to how to apply culture and sustainability UN goals in counseling, each educator shares a unique perspective on how to infuse global learning in multiple spaces.