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Arcelia Dalton

South Hall Middle School, Gainesville, GA
Grades 6-8, Science
2016, Fall

To meet the needs of students from diverse backgrounds, Mrs. Dalton will participate in eLearing classes through the University of Georgia. Through her course work, Mrs. Dalton will learn about various systems, methods, and digital products for multimedia instruction. Mrs. ... more »

Kellie Humphrey

Haymon-Morris Middle School, Winder, GA
Grades 6-8, Mathematics
2015, Spring

To create a positive change in teaching and learning, Humphrey and Wiggley will introduce “WildcatsCONNECT (WC).” The program will introduce a dynamic vision in which all students are connected and actively engaged in teaching and learning. Humphrey and Wiggley ... more »

Robert Kuhn

Centennial High School, Roswell, GA
Grades 9-12, Science
2014, Spring

To strengthen his teaching practice and ensure that students learn biology more meaningfully, Mr. Kuhn will attend the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study/National Association of Biology Teachers AP Biology Leadership Academy. While there, Mr. Kuhn will learn to analyze ... more »

Elaine Barreira

Hiram High School, Hiram, GA
Grades 9-12, Computers / Technology
2012, Winter

To encourage student learning through the use of technology, Ms. Barreira and Ms. Gasque will introduce e-readers to their classrooms. The devices will be used at all learning levels, with particular focus on reluctant readers. The lead educators will study the impact ... more »

Bejanae Kareem

Parkside Elementary, Atlanta, GA
Grades K-5, General Pedagogical Practice
2012, Winter

Ms. Kareem will travel to a diverse, high performing school in Toronto, Ontario. While there, Ms. Kareem will investigate professional learning communities and parental involvement initiatives aimed at increasing student achievement. The strategies and knowledge gained ... more »

Carla Kabwatha

DeKalb Elementary School of the Arts, Atlanta, GA
Grades K-5, Science
2011, Spring

Through “The World of Engineering,” DeKalb Elementary students will be exposed to a comprehensive instructional unit on engineering fields.  Students will then use engineering concepts to design and build robots to compete in the school wide “Robocup ... more »

Shenell Collier

J.L. Newbern Middle School, Valdosta, GA
Grades 6-8, English
2011, Spring

To help students develop advanced writing, research, critical thinking, and presentation skills, Mrs. Collier and Mrs. Almond will engage students in a production that incorporates rap, singing, and dramatic presentations based on their social studies and language arts ... more »

Donica Cuspard

Redan Elementary School, Lithonia, GA
Grades K-5, General Pedagogical Practice
2011, Winter

Dr. Cuspard will attend the ASCD Annual Conference to enhance her knowledge about learning opportunities that help educators create better schools and improve teaching and learning programs.  The learning will assist Dr. Cuspard in her position as Redan ... more »

Donica Cuspard

Redan Elementary, Lithonia, GA
Grades K-5, Mathematics
2010, Fall

Ms. Cuspard and Mrs. Qualls will design and implement two projects to help students improve their skills in math and language arts.  “Paddles for Patterns” will focus on improving student skills in patterns, listing numbers in sequential order, providing ... more »

Lyssa Sahadevan

East Side Elementary School, Marietta, GA
Grades K-5, English
2010, Fall

Mrs. Sahadevan will attend the Reader’s Workshop presented by The Daily Café, a website devoted to educator professional development.  Throughout the workshop, Mrs. Sahadevan will read relevant professional literature, play a lead role in book study, ... more »

Angela Kay Thomas

Potter Street Elementary School, Bainbridge, GA
Grades K-5, English
2004, Winter

In March 2004, Ms. Thomas attends the Barry Lane Educational Writing Instruction Seminar to learn techniques for teaching writing revisions. She shares what she learns with her colleagues by developing a district-wide workshop and a Web page that offers writing tips and ... more »

Martha Finnegan

Five Forks Middle School, Lawrenceville, GA
Grades 6-8, English
2006, Fall

Recognizing that teachers in all subjects must collaborate to improve literacy skills, Ms. Finnegan, Ms. Hravatic, and Ms. Hart develop vertical teams of language arts and science teachers to refine curriculum and instruction. Language arts teachers from elementary ... more »

Mary Hollowell

Elementary Science Enrichment Center, Griffin, GA
Grades K-5, Literature
2006, Summer

By participating in the Children’s Literature New England Summer Institute, Ms. Hollowell, a science teacher, develops ideas for integrating children’s literature into science teaching. She then conducts workshops for colleagues on ways to use books from ... more »

Sharona Thomas-Wilson

William M. Finch Elementary School, Atlanta, GA
Grades K-5, Mathematics
2007, Fall

An entrepreneurial business program designed to teach and reinforce math and economics standards.

Antoinette C. Smith

Cedar Grove Middle School, Decatur, GA
Grades 6-8, English
2007, Summer

To gather resources on the foundations of educational practice and strategies for differentiating instruction for exceptional students and English language learners, Ms. Smith attends the First International Conference on Teacher Education in Brussels, Belgium. At ... more »

Nezetta C. Smith

North Clayton Middle School, College Park, GA
Grades 6-8, Computers / Technology
2007, Winter

To improve students’ technology awareness and science knowledge, Ms. Smith and Ms. Stringer create a virtual science laboratory. Avoiding the prohibitive expenses and time consumption of a traditional laboratory, students are able to run their own virtual ... more »

Carol Sue Harless

DeKalb Early College Academy, Avondale Estates, GA
Grades 9-12, Literature
2007, Winter

Students at DeKalb Early College, an early college initiative for high-ability students who have not been successful in traditional high schools, participate in a documentary project to deepen understanding of literary works and historical background. After reading ... more »

Shenell Collier

J. L. Newbern Middle School, Valdosta, GA
Grades 6-8, English
2008, Summer

Using state standards for Language Arts and Social Studies, students will plan and implement poetry and rap performances for the entire school, using their lived experiences as an analytical frame.

Lottie Harris

Jackson Road Elementary, Griffin, GA
Grades K-5, English
2009, Fall

In order to improve achievement in language arts learners, first through fifth grade teachers will incorporate testing skills into grade level specific “Coach Books.”  The materials will give teachers and students useful information to use in ... more »

Eric Laughlin

Georgia Southwestern State University, Americus, GA
Higher Education, Social Studies
2010, Summer

Dr. Laughlin will attend a Gordon Institute for Music Learning workshop.  Lessons at the workshop will focus on training teachers to recognize the importance of early childhood music and learn how young children might best be taught music through ... more »

Karen Crow-Roark

Roan School, Dalton, GA
Grades K-5, Science
2010, Summer

Using a five-step scientific method, students will conduct research on energy efficiency and the impact of pollution on their natural environment.  Students will investigate the energy saving capabilities of different types of lighting.  To gauge the ... more »

Donica Cuspard

Redan Elementary School, Lithonia, GA
Grades K-5, Social Studies
2010, Winter

Dr. Cuspard will attend the Staff Development of Educators Differentiated Conference to enhance her knowledge of meeting the diverse needs of students in the ever-changing environment of today's classroom.  The conference will increase her current knowledge of ... more »