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Our grantees represent educators from all parts of the U.S. and cover all grade levels and subject areas. Below you will find a searchable database of all of the projects we’ve funded in the past 3 years.

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  • Sonia Galaviz

    5th Grade Educator
    Garfield Elementary School
    Boise, ID


  • Akeyo Garcia

    Ewa Elementary School
    Ewa Beach, HI

    Learning & Leadership Grant
    Grades K-5
    2016, Fall

    To build a professional learning community within Ewa Elementary School, Mrs. Garcia and Mrs. Macion-Ito will establish an on-site collaborative STEM training program. The training will focus on classroom best practices that are age and developmentally appropriate for young learners. The program will improve instruction and improve staff communication, evaluation, assessment, and leadership skills. 

  • Angela Gray

    Alton High School
    Alton, IL

    Student Achievement Grant
    Grades 9-12
    2016, Fall

    To increase awareness of Relational Aggression (RA) among teen girls, Mrs. Gray and colleagues will develop weekly group counseling sessions for at risk girls. Multiple RA curriculum materials will be used to increase awareness of RA, encourage empathy and tolerance, and improve self-control and coping skills. After completing group sessions, high school girls will be trained to mentor middle and elementary school girls, with the work culminating in a district-wide girls’ conference.  

  • Angela Wagner

    Athens High School
    Rogersville, AL

    Learning & Leadership Grant
    Grades 9-12
    2016, Fall

    Mrs. Wagner will attend the Association for Educational Communications & Technology Conference to support teachers in her district’s PowerUp initiative, a one-to-one training program that provides laptops to students for academic advancement. The training will explore integrating technologies into learning, instruction, and performance; interweave research, practice, and theory development; and demonstrate what works with regard to improving learning, instruction, and performance. Upon completion, Mrs. Wagner will bring findings to her classroom and create lessons that outline the knowledge gained. 

  • Anna Raynovich

    Highland Elementary School
    Silver Spring, MD

    Student Achievement Grant
    Grades K-5
    2016, Fall

    Students, parents, and teachers will work together to create, maintain, and utilize gardens at Highland Elementary School. Students will benefit from direct, hands-on learning experiences related to the science curriculum across all grade levels. The community as a whole will benefit by cultivating social and leadership skills, improving health and wellness, and promoting awareness of the environment. Creating a garden will provide students with the opportunity to see, first hand, how learning and action can create the resources to fill a need within their own community. 

  • Arcelia Dalton

    South Hall Middle School
    Gainesville, GA

    Learning & Leadership Grant
    Grades 6-8
    2016, Fall

    To meet the needs of students from diverse backgrounds, Mrs. Dalton will participate in eLearing classes through the University of Georgia. Through her course work, Mrs. Dalton will learn about various systems, methods, and digital products for multimedia instruction. Mrs. Dalton will incorporate videos, slideshows, webinars, chats, and online forums in her instruction and will share these teaching tools with her colleagues. 

  • Barbara Gottschalk

    Susick Elementary School
    Troy, MI

    Learning & Leadership Grant
    Grades K-5
    2016, Fall

    Ms. Gottschalk and Ms. Reynolds will work with the district’s language acquisition teachers to better track the progress of young English Language Learners. Ms. Reynolds will attend a WIDA data analysis meeting, after which she and Ms. Gottschalk will head an initiative to train the district’s elementary language acquisition teachers on WIDA growth data and how it can be used to pinpoint areas of need.

  • Breanne McAllister

    Clark County Skills Center
    Vancouver, WA

    Student Achievement Grant
    Grades 9-12
    2016, Fall

    Nursing professionals from the Clark County Skills Center will acquire up-to-date medical training materials and couple them with project based instruction and Chromebooks. Mrs. McAllister and her colleagues will use these materials to improve student achievement and increase the number of students completing the Applied Medical Program. Those students will go on to meet the requirement to take the Certified Nursing Assistant exam and earn college credits through articulation. 

  • Cathy Bryant

    Avoca Elementary School
    Bristol, TN

    Student Achievement Grant
    Grades K-5
    2016, Fall

    Through “Gathering STEAM,” students will improve their understanding of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematical concepts. Students will work on self-directed projects through Avoca Elementary School’s new STEAM lab. Students will visit the lab at least once a week to explore and engage in student-led inquiry-based learning activities. 

  • Christine Anderson

    Liberty High School
    Liberty, MO

    Student Achievement Grant
    Grades 9-12
    2016, Fall

    Liberty High School students will use an audio studio to create original digital media as a means of personal and academic expression. Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Riedel will implement and facilitate an audio recording studio in the school library.  Students will use the studio to think creatively, construct knowledge, and develop innovative digital media. Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Riedel will provide learning opportunities to support student and staff use of the studio.

  • Cynthia Apalinski

    Linden Public Schools
    Linden, NJ

    Learning & Leadership Grant
    Grades K-5
    2016, Fall

    Through the “Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Elementary Professional Community,” Ms. Apalinski and Mrs. Dollard will lead a study group comprised of third through fifth grade teachers. The group will provide teachers with the tools necessary to successfully support elementary students to use evidence to construct scientific explanations and to engage in argumentation as the NGSS are implemented. The group will also develop their capacity to engage as a professional learning community that deepens their practice in support of student learning. 

  • Dr. Michael Rozalski

    Binghamton University
    Binghamton, NY

    Learning & Leadership Grant
    Higher Education
    2016, Fall


    Dr. Michael Rozalski, Binghamton 

    Associate Professor, Binghamton University

    Grant Amount: $2,000

    Dr. Rozalski will complete a professional development program designed to increase crisis intervention and bullying prevention skills. Upon completion of the activities, Dr. Rozalski will share his knowledge with students seeking additional certification in special education in various classroom settings. The program will result in the creation and implementation of a replicable, research based module. 

  • Dr. Yong Joon Park

    Indiana State University
    Terre Haute, IN

    Learning & Leadership Grant
    Higher Education
    2016, Fall

    Dr. Park will partner with Mrs. Spelman and staff at DeVaney Elementary School to help both students and educators get excited about math. Staff will install a 3D printer that will help pre-service teachers learn ways to integrate current technology into lesson plans. Participating educators will understand that technology can be used in tandem with basic learning tools to spark greater student interest. 

  • Elsie O’Bryan

    Teeland Middle School
    Wasilla, AK

    Student Achievement Grant
    Grades 6-8
    2016, Fall

    Ms. O’Bryan and Mr. Steele will use Chromebooks and Promethean boards to provide consistent classroom computer-based instruction. The primary focus of student work will be on phonics, language arts, and math. Each student will ideally maximize their individual potential and advance both socially and academically as they receive immediate feedback as they work.

  • Emily Latham

    Creekview Intermediate School
    Marysville, OH

    Student Achievement Grant
    Grades K-5
    2016, Fall

    Through the “Making a Difference” project, Mrs. Latham and Mrs. Rich will use a local garden to connect students with the community. Students will read the book “Seedfolks,” which describes how a diverse community in Cleveland came together through a shared community garden. The book will be used as a basis for creating a garden in Marysville’s central pavilion area.

  • Emily Rothering

    Milton Middle School
    Milton, WI

    Student Achievement Grant
    Grades 6-8
    2016, Fall

    Through “We Do STEM with Legos,” Ms. Rothering and Mrs. Jensen’s students will be presented self-directed opportunities to explore, create, and share knowledge about science, technology, engineering, and math. Educators will integrate the Lego kits in Next Generation Science Standards-based curriculum with unit projects covering earth, life, and physical science. The inquiry-based project will enhance students’ 21st Century skills and competencies which will enable them to be competitive in a technology-rich global market.