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Bobbie Cavnar, 2018 Horace Mann Awards for Teaching Excellence Recipient

Bobbie Cavnar is a twelfth grade language arts educator at South Point High School in Belmont, NC. He was nominated by the North Carolina Association of Educators.

Bobbie Cavnar is a veteran humanities educator who works to reconnect students with their emotional world. He develops their sense of empathy through the careful study of human emotional expression.

In his classroom, Cavnar begins each literary period with a “cultural extravaganza” and guides students through a discovery lesson as they explore a wide range of multi-media, including video and music clips, fashion, photos of English gardens, changing poetry of the era, online games designed to practice meter, and more.

As a Teacher Advisor to the State Board of Education, Cavnar helped to create a “Whole Child, Whole Community Model” that recognizes the humanity of children and includes their physical and emotional health as well as academics.

He earned his BS in English Education from Florida State University and his MA in English from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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