Horace Mann Awardees

Awards for Teaching Excellence
Horace Mann Awardees

They are among the best and brightest in public education and reflect the diversity of the teaching profession. Their stories inspire and their impact in their school communities reverberates.

Five public school educators are awarded the Horace Mann Award for Teaching Excellence, one of public education’s top honors, each year. Selected by an expert panel, these top educators stand out for their leadership inside and out of the classroom – demonstrating expertise in their practice, advocating for their students and the profession, manifesting a commitment to equity and diversity, engaging their communities, and supporting other educators in the learning process.

This award is made possible with the generous support of the Horace Mann Educators Foundation. 

Watch their incredible educator stories below.

Stephanie Ballard - South Dakota

Kevin Gallagher - Pennsylvania

Natalie Johnson-Berry - Kansas

Theresa Maughan - New Jersey

Lee Perez - Nebraska

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