Horace Mann Awardees

Awards for Teaching Excellence
Horace Mann Awardees

From the many California Casualty awardees selected by NEA affiliates, 5 are selected by an expert panel to receive the Horace Mann Awards for Teaching Excellence.

These top educators stand out for their leadership inside and out of the classroom – demonstrating expertise in their practice, advocating for their students and the profession, manifesting a commitment to equity and diversity, engaging their communities, and supporting other educators in the learning process.

The 2023 Horace Mann awardees will be announced in Fall 2022.

Nominate an Educator

The NEA Foundation Awards for Teaching Excellence present an annual opportunity for NEA state leaders to collectively and publicly recognize and reward exemplary educators for their outstanding instruction and advocacy to advance the profession. Each NEA direct affiliate may nominate an educator to receive an Award for Teaching Excellence between September and May. Visit our Nominate an Educator page for more information and to submit a nomination.

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