We are a public charity founded by educators for educators to promote the absolute best public education.

Who We Are

The NEA Foundation is a national nonprofit and philanthropic organization based in Washington, DC. Founded by educators, our mission is to work in partnership with others to promote the absolute best in public education. We believe that the most innovative and effective policies and strategies emanate from educators engaged in authentic partnership with policymakers, students, parents, and others who are committed to educational equity, excellence, and opportunity. Through the transformative power of these partnerships, we believe we can improve both students' and communities' educational experiences.

Teaching in the Global Age

With a transformative year of professional learning, our NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellowship helps educators develop instructional methods to equip students for global citizenship in the 21st century.

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Fellowship Spotlight

Jessica Minton

Science Educator
Houston High School
Germantown, TN
The NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellowship
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The NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellowship

“As an NEA Foundation Global Learning Fellow, I am privileged to increase my own global competence as well as model it for my colleagues and students. That competence begins with a willingness to explore and understand cultural and global topics.”

Supporting Innovative Ideas

We support public school educators with Student Success and Learning & Leadership grants to fund classroom projects and professional development.

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Grantee Spotlight

Andrew Edwards

Lindberg High School
Saint Louis, MO

Lindbergh High School AP/IB students will utilize new technology to expand their scope of laboratory preparedness, think critically in team settings, and instill an exploratory sense of science. Students will benefit from new laboratory equipment by engaging in new and rigorous learning opportunities and will use new software technology to analyze their data. Mr. Edwards will take student data to other AP/IB science disciplines and work with colleagues to better enhance learning opportunities across all grade levels.

Grantee Stefanie Root's Unique Solution to Remedial Math
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Grantee Stefanie Root's Unique Solution to Remedial Math

“The most successful aspect of our project has been the tremendous increase in student engagement in the K-5 students. They look forward to their Makerspace challenges and really take ownership over their learning.”

Celebrating Educators

At our annual Awards Gala, we celebrate the challenging but crucial work that public school educators do every day.

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Awards Spotlight

NEA Foundation 2021 Horace Mann Awardee  - Casey Keyser
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Educator Casey Keyser Story

“Teachers and support staff around the country make a difference each and every single day. Not only are they transforming the lives of the next generation, but they are changing the narratives of families for generations to come. ”

STEM Learning

We are working to bring high-quality, project-based STEM instruction to high-need districts.

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STEM Spotlight

Linda Goode Bryant

Founding Director, Active Citizens Project & Project EATS
In New York City, bringing urban farms into the classroom
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In New York City, Bringing Urban Farms into the Classroom

“One of the great things about farming is that you really do cross a number of disciplines and areas of life. So not only are you growing food... learning the science... you also have to sell the food to be able to buy seeds for next year.”

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